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About us

We have started our kennel in 2006. We live in a beautiful area near the woods. We also possess a very large area which is available for our dogs, cats, sheep and minature goats. Our animals are our family and so they are treated. We have fulfiled our dream of living country life, having a flock of sheep and goats, as well as breeding bernese mountain dogs and komondors. Dogs are our whole lives, bernese mountain dogs stole our hearts with their beautiful tricolor fur and lovely character and komondors with their uniqueness and exceptional character. Me and my husband both have higher education, my husband Szymon has finished zootechny at the university in Bydgoszcz and he is an zootechnician engineer, due to that our animals have constant and professional medical care. Our breedings and litters are very well planned. We breed puppies at home with love and care. Our kennel name "Vom Hollandhof" is registered in the FCI and its number is 12/16H. Besides breeding dogs, our passion is gardening. Our garden is a very important place because it is our passion and also we spend most of our free time with our friends dogs in this place. You are welcome to discover our gallery.

Strony dla hodowli psów - Projekt Magoora 2016